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Longest Dick Contest
By: limolover Jul 6 2009 at 01:07pm

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A man goes into an empty bar and orders a beer, and as he's walking around he sees a table about 6' x 4' with some lines marked 6"-10" from one edge.

Next to each line there are initials. So the man says to the bartender, "What are all those marks on that table?"

"It's a game the locals play, they pull out their dicks, stretch them a far as they can and mark a line."

This man is hung like a horse and reckons he can beat all the lines he's seen and asks if he can have a go, "sure" came the reply.

As he pulled out his dick it's a clear winner by about 3". He starts to mark his line down when the bartender said: "No mate, the locals start from the other side"

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